Album Choices


Clients are often asking about the differences between the Gold and Platinum albums that I offer. In order to make this clearer for you, I created this page to show you the different album options and the advantages of each. I hope that this page will make it easier for you to select the best printed keepsake for you.


How does the design process work?

Once your photo gallery has been posted online, you will log in and select your favorite photos. Once you have made your selection, each of those photos will be professionally retouched to improve brightness, color balance, clarity and to remove any imperfections. When all the retouching is completed, the album design process begins. using those images to best tell your story of your day.


What do the albums have in common?


• All images are fully retouched before being put into the final product

• All are press printed products

• All the images are printed from calibrated photos, which means that the skin tones and colors are as they should be

• Typical sizes are 10x10 (but this can be customized) and have approximately 60 pages


How many images should be selected for an album?


We typically tell people to select between 80-110 images. This allows the flexibility to create images that show well, without forcing too many small images into a layout.



What are the different options for press printed keepsakes?




The Platinum Album

Edit-Album005Edit-Album005 This is a high quality press printed album with thick (non-flexible) pages printed on professional photo papers for the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available. There are many different options for the covers including, full wrap, metal, acrylic, wood and more. You can even choose a non-padded cover or a classic padded cover. 

Edit-Album002Edit-Album002 Albums have a micro gutter spread with a gutter as small as 1mm at the spine.

Edit-Album004Edit-Album004 Album pages are 0.05" thick with a black core. 

Edit-Metal-Album004Edit-Metal-Album004Photos of Albums These are amazing keepsakes which will last for generations. 

Edit-Metal-Album005Edit-Metal-Album005Photos of Albums This top-of-the-line album sells for $2400 for a 40 page 10x10 keepsake.



The Gold Album

Edit-Sunrise-Album001Edit-Sunrise-Album001Photos of Albums This mid-level album is a new product offering from us. It is a press printed album with thick (non-flexible) pages printed on professional photo papers for long lasting and high quality photographic prints.

Edit-Sunrise-Album005Edit-Sunrise-Album005Photos of Albums The pages are a thinner profile than those in the Platinum Albums, but still very sturdy and beautiful.
Edit-Sunrise-Album002Edit-Sunrise-Album002Photos of Albums Edit-Sunrise-Album004Edit-Sunrise-Album004Photos of Albums This mid-level album sells for $1800 for a 40 page 10x10 keepsake.



All of our press printed albums offer an excellent way for you to save your important moments in a beautiful format for everyone to enjoy. The pages are coated to withstand finger prints and UV protected as well. They are put together at our color labs with the utmost care and delivered to you in a protective box. We know that you hired us to capture the highest quality photos for you and those images deserve to be put together in a keepsake that will show off those photos at the highest level.