I am sponsored by the following companies, and I recommend them because I truly believe that they are the best in the industry. Having the best equipment does not guarantee to make me a good photographer, but the right choice in gear sure makes it easier for me to be that much better. As Ansel Adams once said, "the most important piece of equipment is what is 6 inches behind the camera." It is the human brain which determines the composition, the depth of field, the shutter speed and the exposure levels. Here are the products which help me be the best that I can be.


Canon Logo3Canon Logo3 Canon is my choice for cameras, lenses and printers. I have used Canon cameras and lenses for my entire career and could not be happier with that choice. In 2013 I started exclusively using Canon printers and can honestly say that my photos are captured with the best cameras, and my prints are made with the best printers. The image quality is always top notch and Canon's support is on par with their high end equipment.  
ProGrade Digital_logo_black_OutlinedProGrade Digital_logo_black_Outlined When I am capturing images for my clients, I want the fastest and the most trustworthy memory cards available. I rely on ProGrade Digital cards and readers for the ultimate in reliability. Trust me, when shooting the Olympic Games or a major family event, there are no do-overs. I have to know that the images I am capturing are on the best media out there. Over the last 14 years I have earned a reputation for delivering images quickly to my clients, and ProGrade Digital products are a big part of my workflow.
manfrottoambassadormanfrottoambassador In order to get the sharpest photos possible, day and night, I rely on the very best tripods and monopods in the industry. And there is no better than the Manfrotto products, which includes the Gitzo and Manfrotto brands . I have been using Gitzo since the very beginning of my professional career as a photographer. I love the light weight, excellent quality, and reliability of their products. There is a reason why almost every professional photographer I know uses Gitzo. 
I spent the first 8 years of my photography career searching for the perfect ballhead for my Gitzo tripods. After an exhaustive search, I came across the Acratech ballheads and have made these my standard ever since. The precision build and the accuracy of the Acratech products is second to none.
I am using the QNAP RAID systems for all my data storage. These RAID systems are amazingly fast and offer me the peace of mind, knowing that my data is backed up, and even if a drive did fail (which has never happened) that my data would still be safe. I have multiple units (one local and one remote) which synchronize every night to give me the ultimate in data protection.
I know this might sound crazy, but before leaving to photograph my first Olympics, my biggest challenge was not the camera and lenses, it was the best way to transport all my gear. I found that the highest quality bags are made by Thinktank. Their quality is excellent and customer service is unmatched. To get a special deal on their products, click here and enter the code WS-759.
In 2013 I was in search of a new platform for my web site. My old system could no longer keep up with the times and I wanted something flexible and yet easy to use. I asked my Facebook fans what they were using, and many commented that they were using Zenfolio. I did my research, signed on to Zenfolio, and within days had the basics for the site you see today. Incredibly easy to use and customer support always there when I need them! If you want to use Zenfolio and want to save 20% off their normal pricing, click here to get the savings.
BR_Ambassador-BWBR_Ambassador-BW It might be just a camera strap, but this is a really important piece of camera gear for any photographer. Walking around with heavy cameras for 10 hours a day can be really uncomfortable. Blackrapid makes camera straps that are the most comfortable in the industry. This is the reason that neck and my back love their products. You can order products from Blackrapid and use the discount code "BRJeffCable" to get 10% off their straps and accessories.
People use filters on their lenses for various reasons, either to protect their lens from scratches or wear or for special effects. Either way, it is imperative to use a filter that does not degrade the overall quality of your lens. For this reason I use Tiffen filters, and have for more than 10 years. My favorite filters are UV filters for protection, Circular Polarizers for shooting deep blue skies and to cut glare, and Variable ND filters to darken the scene for long exposures. For my filters, Tiffen is clearly the best.
Bay PhotoBay Photo I work really hard to capture great photos for my clients, but that does not end with the photography. We also want to deliver those images with the best quality prints, books and albums. We have used Bay Photo for 10 years now and trust their quality to be the very best at all times. Not only are their products top notch, but their support and service is excellent as well. If you would like to try using Bay Photo for yourself, you can save 25% off your first order by signing up here.
Powerex logoPowerex logo Powerex batteries and chargers are the best! Their batteries are the only ones I will use in my Canon flashes, and their chargers are incredibly fast and reliable. You can get 20% off of their products by going to and using the coupon code Jeff20.
DatacolorDatacolor When it comes to image retouching, I am a real perfectionist. Even though my clients may not be picky about the final photos, I want to make sure that they are their very best. Part of that equation is making sure that the colors and exposure levels are perfect. The Datacolor Spyder X helps to make sure that my images are retouched correctly. I have been using Datacolor calibrators on my monitors for more than 10 years and could not live without them. 
17hats17hats When I started my photo business full time, I knew that I would need help organizing the business and keeping track of my calendar, contracts, and finances. For all of this I turned to 17hats. This is an amazing web site which keeps me organized so that I can concentrate most of my time doing what I love to do (which is not the finances!). You can find more information about 17Hats here