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Canon R3Canon R3


Canon R3 Mirrorless

The Canon R3 camera is my "go to" camera for sports, wildlife and portraits. This mirrorless camera has it all. Speed, fast focusing, a built-in grip and more. 




Canon R5 Mirrorless

The Canon R5 camera is my favorite camera for safaris in Africa and places where I want really high resolution. The resolution of this camera allows me to crop into my photos and still have plenty of data to make large prints.



Canon R6II Mirrorless

The Canon R6II camera is my newest "go to" camera. I have found that the new mirrorless cameras from Canon are game changers. With the new eye detection, ultra-fast focusing and light weight, I am hooked on this new camera. 






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Canon RF 70-200mm 2.8

The Canon 70-200mm lens has always been my favorite lens of all. This is my "go to" lens for most of my portrait and event photography. I still think it is one of Canon's sharpest lenses in their collection. The zoom range if perfect for so many different types of shooting. If you are serious about photography, you need to have this lens!


Canon RF 100-500mm

When I need to photograph something from a distance, and want to shoot handheld, I rely on the Canon RF100-500mm lens. I also use this lens for a lot of my sports and wildlife photography when I can not get close to my subject.


Canon 100-400mm II

This is the second revision of this lens and much much sharper than the first version. Unlike the first push/pull version, this new 100-400 is a twist zoom lens. I also use this lens in combination with the 100--500mm lens for a lot of my sports and wildlife photography. Even though it is not an RF lens, I like that it ends at f/5.6 at 400mm.


Canon 200-400

This is one of the newest lenses in my collection. It is a beast of a lens, but amazing nonetheless. Even though this lens has a focal length of 200-400mm, it also has a built-in teleconverter, which allows me to change the lens to a 280-560mm with a flip of a switch. It is my go-to lens in Africa and also at the Olympics!


Canon RF 24-70mm

The Canon RF 24-70mm II lens rivals the 70-200mm for clarity and is my most used lens when photographing wedding and mitzvah receptions.


Canon RF 15-35mm

The Canon 15-35mm lens is perfect for wide shots. I primarily use this lens for tight venues, large group shots at parties and when capturing vast landscapes.


Canon RF 24-105mm

The Canon RF 24-105mm lens is my lens of choice for walking around a city. Why? Because this lens is very sharp and gives me a good focal range. I can shoot wide and still zoom into details with this one lens.


Canon 100 Macro

The Canon 100mm Macro lens is not one of my most used lenses, but it is essential for when I photograph weddings and need that tight shot of the rings. I also like this lens for my macro nature photography (flowers and insects).


Canon 8-15 Fish Eye

The Canon 8-15mm fish eye lens is perfect for getting those really wide angle shots. I use this when I am in tight spaces, and when I want to get really creative photos that show the scene in a way that the human eye never sees it.


Canon RF 85mm 1.2 

The Canon RF 85mm lens is a very sharp lens. I use this lens for those situations where I want a large amount of separation between my subject and the background. This lens is perfect for that first dance where you want to isolate the couple and have everything else fall into the foreground or background.










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MacBook Pro 16"

The MacBook Pro 16" is the power behind my editing workstation. When upgrading to a new editing station, I wanted a super fast computer but stayed small and out of the way. This little machine fits those needs and runs cool on my desk. I love this computer so much that I have 2 of them. One for my desk and one for one the road.

Apple XDRApple XDR

Apple 32" XDR Display

After years of searching for the ultimate high-resolution monitor for my Mac, I found the Apple 32" XDR Pro 6K Monitor. This display is amazingly sharp and lets me see exceptional detail in all my photos. This monitor holds it's calibration and can be viewed from different angles without degradation of brightness or color. It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny.


Datacolor SpyderX Display Calibration System

In order to keep my photos color accurate, I use the SpyderX Display Calibration System to keep my monitor calibrated. Without this piece of equipment, I would not know whether my images were accurately retouched for color and brightness.




Wacom Intuos Pro

For the last 10 years, I have relied on the Wacom Intuos graphics tablets for almost all of my retouching. I love these tablets so much that I carry more than one to each Olympics. This pressure sensitive tablet will cut your retouching time down for sure. Heck - my main machine does not have a mouse anymore. I use the Intuos Pro for all my applications, even email.



I use the TourBox in combination with the Wacom Intuos Pro when I am retouching photos. My right hand is on the Wacom pen and my left hand is selecting tools in Photoshop and adjusting brush sizes. This little box has become a "must have" in my arsenal.


Adobe Photoshop

All of my retouching is done in Adobe Photoshop, the undisputed king of photo editing software. 


Photo Mechanic

Although Photo Mechanic is not as well known as other applications, it is as important, if not more than Photoshop to me. I use Photo Mechanic to cull through all my photos to determine which images are removed and which ones are saved and retouched. This program is one of the biggest time savers for me and helps me make my crazy fast deadlines at the Olympics. If you want to try it out, they offer a 30-day trial here. You can also get 15% off by using the code “JEFFCABLE” at checkout.


Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Printer

I used to use a printing service to print my images, but then recently switched to the Canon PRO-1000 printer. I now do my printing on this amazing printer. It prints both glossy and fine art papers all the way up to 17" wide and has large ink cartridges, so I am not changing them all the time. 

Pro 4100Pro 4100

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 Printer

When I need to print REALLY large images, I print on my Canon Pro-4100 printer, which lets me print images as large as 44" by 100 feet. This is perfect for printing poster sized images for my clients. 

qnap 8bayqnap 8bay

QNAP NAS Storage Systems

As you can imagine, I have accumulated a massive collection of photos and videos over the years, and with that comes a need to store them all. I use the QNAP NAS RAID system with large Seagate IronWolf hard drives for massive storage. I have two of their NAS systems, one for my studio and one remote for offsite backup.









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Gitzo GT2532 Tripod

I never show up to an event without my Gitzo GT2532 tripods. Whenever I am taking photos from the back of a temple or church, I have my cameras mounted on this tripod. Why this model? Because it provides the best stability with light weight.


Gitzo GT2540 Travel Tripod

Whenever I travel, I pack my clothes, shoes and my Gitzo GT2540 travel tripod. I rarely travel anywhere without these legs. What makes this tripod so great is the combination of rigidity, light weight and the ability to fold into itself to make it so easy to pack and take with me, even in my carryon bag. 


Gitzo GM5561 Monopod

I use the Gitzo GM5561 Monopod for all my sports shooting with a big lens. This is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment for me at the Olympic Games, since I am constantly using large lenses. This Gitzo monopod is my back saver. What I love about this particular model is the light weight and the fact that it collapses down to almost nothing.


Acratech Ballheads

I spent years looking for the right ballhead for me. After an exhaustive search, I found the Acratech ballheads and now use them for all my tripods (and even for my monopod in many situations). These heads are built like a tank and work flawlessly.


ProGrade Digital Memory Cards

ProGrade Digital is a company founded by the original executives of Lexar and makes awesome memory cards and readers for the professional photographer and videographer. The products are very fast, and more importantly, very reliable!


ProGrade Digital Readers

People really underestimate the importance of card readers. I use the fastest memory cards and fastest readers to speed up my workflow. For this reason I rely on the ProGrade Digital readers so that I can download my photos at a blistering pace. 
Canon 600exrtCanon 600exrt

Canon 600EX-RT Flash

When I head off to photograph an event, my bag is full of Canon 600 EX-RT Flash units. These are not only high powered flashes but they talk to each other. The older flash units communicated to each other with infrared which did not work reliably. With the 600 EX-RT flash units, Canon introduced a true wireless communication that is easy to use and reliable. When I switched to these new flashes, it was a game changer for my event photography. 

ThinkTank Rolling Bags

When I need to take a lot of camera gear with me (which is quite often), I use the ThinkTank Photo Airport Security v2.0 rolling bags. I put a ton of miles on my rolling bags and this one just keeps going. It is versatile and built with the best quality materials. If you click on the bag or the link above you will automatically get a discount and an extra gift from ThinkTank.
Thinktank StreetwalkerThinktank Streetwalker

ThinkTank Photo Backpacks

I have a lot of people who email me asking about cameras and lenses, but rarely do they ever ask about what camera backpack I use. You know what? They should. They are a critical piece of equipment. I use the ThinkTank Photo StreetWalker HardDrive backpacks almost every day. This backpack is comfortable, holds tons of gear (and my laptop) and is built to last. I also love the extra pockets for my wallet, passport, charging cables and other little goodies. If you click on the bag or the link above you will automatically get a discount and an extra gift from ThinkTank.

Manfrotto Light Stands

Ever since using the Canon 600EX-RT flashes, I set up Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stands at events to have remote flashes in different corners of the room. These stands are sturdy and raise to 12' tall. You can even buy them in a 3 pack and they snap together for easy transport.


BlackRapid Camera Straps

Like photo backpacks, people tend to overlook the importance of a good camera strap. For many years I used a neck strap and finally got tired of the neck strain and discomfort. Then I came across the BlackRapid camera straps and have sworn by them ever since. These shoulder straps are comfortable and so easy to use. I can swing my camera into position in no time and never miss a shot. Most importantly, I can wear this all day long, even with a big camera and lens and not feel strained in any way.


Tiffen Circular Polarizing Filters

There is one filter that can not be replaced with software, and that is the circular polarizing filter. I always carry the Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarizing Multi-Coated Filters because it does not degrade the quality of my lenses and works great for those great blue sky days and around water.


Tiffen HT UV Filters

For the longest time, I refused to put UV filters in front of my lenses. I did not want to degrade the quality of my images. But then I saw the Tiffen Ultra Clear Digital HT Filters which are perfectly clear. I now use these to protect the front of all my lenses.


Powerex Batteries

I have used many different brands of rechargeable batteries over the years, but have now standardized on the Powerex AA Rechargeable Ni_MH batteries. They charge fast, work well and last a really long time.


Powerex Battery Charger

Many years ago I used a charger that would recharge AA batteries in hours. This meant that I had to plan far in advance before a big event. Then I switched to the Powerex MH-801D 8 Cell 1-Hour Charger and my life got easier. This charger is the best! It recharges batteries in less than an hour, and can recondition the batteries as well. I also like that each cell is charged independently, not in a group of four.