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 Photo by Mike Gulbraa



April 10th - 20th, 2017

We will be heading to Japan in April of 2017 to visit some of the most beautiful regions of this unique country. And as a bonus, we expect the cherry blossoms to be in bloom at this time of year. That would make for some amazing photos and an even memorable trip. Mike lived in Japan for more than 10 years and knows the areas, the culture and the language better than most. Having him run this tour is fantastic.

Here are some of the tour highlights:

  • World’s largest fish market
  • Ancient Kyoto
  • Majestic Mt. Fuji and area
  • Ancient Kamakura & Nikko
  • Vibrant Tokyo
  • Mt. Kota


And here is the planned itinerary:


Day One ( 04/ 10):

Depart USA on flight to Japan.


Day Two ( 04/ 11):

Arrive in Japan at either Haneda or Narita international airport.  We will be transported from the airport to our hotel via express train or taxi.  We’ll spend the night in Tokyo.


Day Three ( 04/ 12):

Spend the entire day and night in and around greater Tokyo area.   In Tokyo we’ll pick a neighborhood and go—temples, shrines, Imperial Palace, people, buildings—whatever you want to shoot Tokyo has it to offer.  Just jump in and start snapping shots of whatever catches your eye here.   We’ll spend the night in Tokyo.


Day Four ( 04/ 13):

Early AM off to Tsukiji Fish Market for a morning shoot of the world’s catch of seafood. Sample great breakfast at food booths.  We’ll head to Kamakura and work our way back to Tokyo.


Day Five ( 04/1 4):

Early AM off to Nikko.  Nikko is the burial grounds for one of the former ruling clans/families of Japan and offers great shots of awesome naturescapes, shrines, and temples.  Stay night in Nikko.


Day Six ( 04/1 5):

AM shoot Nikko area.  PM off to Mt. Fuji area - we'll pass through Tokyo and surrounding area on way there.  Spend night in Mt. Fuji area.


Day Seven ( 04/1 6):

O ff to find our shots of Mt. Fuji. We’ll enjoy a relaxing day in and around Mt. Fuji – the most sacred mountain in Japan and one of the most photographed mountains in the world.  Spend night in Mt. Fuji area.


Day Eight ( 04/1 7 ):

AM off to Kyoto.  Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan and holds key a religious seat of the ancient Imperial Court.  The Golden Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Zen Gardens, and many more attractions and their photographic charm await you. Spend night in Kyoto.


Day Nine ( 04/1 8 ):

All day in Kyoto for more shrines, temples, and grounds.  Evening in Gion looking for Maiko and Geisha shots.  Spend night in Kyoto.


Day Ten ( 04/1 9):

Another full day in Kyoto.  Spend night in Kyoto. 


Day Eleven ( 04/ 20):

AM we'll take a train ride to Mt. Koya one of the most sacred areas in Japanese Buddhism and an area loaded with shrines and temples.  Spend night on Mt. Koya.


Day Twelve ( 04/ 2 1):

All of the day on Mt. Koya & area .


Day Thirteen ( 04/ 22):

Early AM head to Osaka for flights home. 



Dates: April 10th - 20th

Price: $7300  ***INCLUDES RT AIRFARE from USA gateway city


For more information, please contact Mike Gulbraa at [email protected]