After the Mitzvah


Now the day is over and everyone is going home to rest. But my work continues, because now I need to get all the images back to my studio to be downloaded, graded and backed-up. 


Then in the days that follow, I will publish a web site with all the best images from your day. You, your friends and family can then view all these images and select the photos you want. I will then edit the images that you have selected, have them printed and deliver them to you. Many of my clients have a hard time narrowing down their choices from the hundreds that are posted. But don't worry, the gallery will stay up on the Internet for at least 6 months, so you have plenty of time to look them over. Most other photographers limit the gallery time in order to force their clients to move quickly. I would rather that you take your time and not feel pressured.


You have a choice of getting those photos in an album (which is the most popular choice these days), coffee table book, single prints, enlargements, or digital images. You can choose one or all of these options.


All of my images are archived in multiple locations and maintained for the long term.

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