Jeff is super knowledgeable and meticulously plans all the details of the tour. He explains difficult concepts really well. Not a single excursion that you would regret. Highly recommend his tours for all levels of expertise. Nachiket K. (Costa Rica 2023)

Jeff’s trip was amazing from start to finish. As a photographer, he is exceptional. As an instructor, he is top notch for any skill level. His guidance is excellent even in extreme places such as the rainforest. Jeff is extremely friendly and personable. He definitely goes out of his way to make sure you’re having a great experience and getting all the shots you’re hoping to get. The outings were fun and loaded with photographic opportunities for our trip. If you’re a “foodie” then this trip won’t disappoint. The dinners we had far exceeded my expectations. Just ask the extra 5 pounds I brought back home. The honest truth is, for a first timer like myself.. Jeff really set the bar pretty high for future excursions. I couldn’t have asked for a greater trip or a better guide. Thank you Jeff, for everything. Jason B. (Costa Rica 2023)

Costa Rica was our second tour with Jeff. We hope it will not be the last as he has so many fantastic destinations. Michael G (Costa Rica 2023)

I joined the photo tour with Jeff because the dates lined up with my conference in California, that was really lucky for me as it was fabulous! I had no idea what to expect as it was my first photo tour, from start to finish the trip was amazing and it was also fun. Jeff is a great teacher, has a great sense of humor, is very approachable and generous with his time. We saw so much wildlife in such a short time, and came away with some incredible photos and memories. Everyone in the group got along well, and it was nice that there were other solo travelers as I was traveling alone. The food and accommodation were excellent, and the guides were exceptional at finding us wildlife at every turn. Emma G (Costa Rica 2023)

Jeff's organized, thorough, detailed, yet relaxed leadership made for a very fine tour. I much valued the great variety of locations and subjects for photo shoots he provided. All these were from one luxurious lodge on this particular trip, with no need to move from lodge to lodge. He is a knowledgeable and highly skilled professional. His teachings helped to hone my skills. Tony L (Costa Rica 2023)

Jeff has the patience of Job when it comes to leading a photo group. Smart, tireless, and always enthusiastic. A true pro that I can't recommend enough! Carl C. (Costa Rica 2023)

We had all different skill levels on our trip to Costa Rica and Jeff was great about catering to all of those. He was happy to take the time and help those of us who needed a little extra instruction. Our days were full of adventure, but also relaxing when we returned to the resort. This trip was a game changer for me in developing my skills as a photographer. I could even tell a difference in my pictures from day 1 to day 3 of the trip. I would definite recommend doing a tour with Jeff, in fact I've already signed up for another. Shauna I. (Costa Rica 2022)

We recently traveled to Costa Rica with Jeff and can say that if you are looking for a general all around great photographer and great guy to travel with, he’s your guy!  He also happens to be an excellent teacher and hard worker who has an excellent supporting cast of assistants at the local Crocodile Bay resort who went out of they way to make sure our stay was exceptional.  The whole team was flexible in rolling with the punches the weather can throw at you so as to maximize our photo opportunities, and the trip was jam packed with a variety of photo opportunities from macro frog shoots to rainforest excursions to cocoa farm visits to endangered sea turtle release—and Jeff was there to help anyone who was unsure of the best way to photograph what they were seeing.  Additionally, Jeff was available to do one-on-one mentoring when time was available, and scheduled periodic image review sessions, as well.  Last, but not least, through Jeff’s association with Canon, he was able to arrange for Canon loaner equipment during our trip—a definite bonus for those of us wanting to try out a special lens or body! - Catherine and Jon (Costa Rica 2020)

The trip to Costa Rica was such a great time. Jeff, the staff at the resort and our local guides were all wonderful. The accommodations at the resort were excellent, the food was delicious and the staff took great care of us the entire time. I felt especially safe traveling despite COVID-19 as all safety precautions were taken by everyone who we interacted with locally. The wildlife sightings were abundant! Seeing my progress from the first day to the end of the trip was really rewarding - Jeff was helpful in sharing a lot of good tips (both taking the pictures themselves and post-processing workflows). I really enjoyed this trip and hope to travel again with Jeff in the future. - Samantha D. (Costa Rica 2020)

We had all different skill levels on our trip to Costa Rica and Jeff was great about catering to all of those. He was happy to take the time and help those of us who needed a little extra instruction. Our days were full of adventure, but also relaxing when we returned to the resort. This trip was a game changer for me in developing my skills as a photographer. I could even tell a difference in my pictures from day 1 to day 3 of the trip. I would definite recommend doing a tour with Jeff, in fact I've already signed up for another. Shauna I (Costa Rica 2020)

2020 has been one hell of a year, so when I saw Jeff’s workshop for November 2020 I was hesitant on going cause of travel restrictions, COVID etc, but it took one phone call with Jeff to convince me to go and I was so glad I did.  This was my first time meeting Jeff and attending one of his workshops and I have to say what an amazing experience.  In the very first day Jeff showed me how to used Back Button Focus, explained how it worked and how to use it, “Game changer” my images were better than ever.  He taught me better composition, better angles, better backgrounds etc.  I’ve been to Crocodile Bay many times but this trip was unforgettable.  The daily schedules were easy, full of wildlife, and a lot of fun, even if we didn’t find what we were looking for we always found something else to photograph. Jeff is great at finding things, be it a plant, a bug, or just what was going on in our surroundings.  We had editing/critique classes which was also very informative.  Jeff pointed out what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. This was a huge help, since I don’t see my own mistakes. His critique was very much appreciated. I used to download all my images from my memory cards when I got home. Jeff helped me download all my images to my SSD drive and edit on-site instead of bringing back all my images and downloading them at home. This made life so much easier.  I walked away from this workshop very pleased with my images, and I took back home all the things he taught me.  Jeff is a great teacher, great person and fun to be around. I will definitely, without hesitation, go on another workshop with him again. You won’t be disappointed I promise you that.  Looking forward to another adventure with Jeff in the future. - Dana P (Costa Rica 2020

My primary objective for our safari trip was to have the opportunity to see and experience wildlife up close in their natural environment.  I had always intended to leave the photography component to my husband, because he is our family expert and enthusiast in that area.  What completely took me by surprise was how inspirational Jeff’s patience and generosity with novices like myself could be.  Jeff made a point to be available to everyone on the trip to answer questions and offer advice.  He demonstrated techniques for composing images, taking shots, and editing the days’ harvest post game drives.  One of my favorite parts of each day’s adventure was going around the table at the end of our meal and sharing our most memorable experience of the day with one another. The exercise not only encouraged comradery, it also allowed us to visualize and think about things from a different perspective.   Without Jeff’s guidance, I might have missed taking photographs that deepened my safari experience.  Thank you for sharing your talents, your sense of humor, and your love of wildlife, Jeff.  The experience was transformative. - Heidi V. (Tanzania 2019)

Now that we are all back home and have had time to reflect, I want to thank you for making this truly a truly memorable trip. Every day brought a different, vivid encounter with the animals. While I am still busy sorting through 12,000 odd images, I can absolutely say that I got the pictures I wanted. Whether it was Elephants, Cheetahs Lions in trees, Birds, or the Wildebeest there was always something to capture and experience.   

In terms of photography guidance, you (Jeff) did a marvelous job of sharing expertise and shooting tips, whether in the vehicle or back at camp. Part of taking a great picture is making sure that you have considered all the variables. For example, anticipating things like catch light in the eyes makes a huge difference between good and great shots. Just listening and absorbing ideas helped every day. - Fritz V. (Tanzania 2019)

If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend the Tanzania Safari (M&M Photo Tours with pro photographer Jeff Cable). This tour company spared no expense on finding really nice accommodations with fabulous meals and exceptional driver guides (the guides really do make the trip - their knowledge and experience is extremely valuable). Jeff generally started each game drive morning with some sort of photography tips, communicating to each of the vehicles via radio communication. Each day, he would rotate with 2 photographers who would ride with him to get one-on-one instruction. However, during photo stops he would jump on the radio making sure everyone would check their settings, reminding them about things like getting the ‘catch light’ in the animal's eyes, capturing photos of more than just the wildlife, and including the environment. 

As one of the non-photographers (most had digital and/or film cameras), I wanted to experience the safari visually and auditorily and I was not disappointed. We were able to get close enough to the hyenas to hear the crunching of the bones they were eating and to see the flies on the faces of the lions. We even witnessed a baby wildebeest being born. I even got great photos with my iPhone. - Jessie I. (Tanzania 2019)

My wife and I went to Tanzania in January of 2019. This was an amazing trip! I was introduced to Jeff through his blog and I appreciated how he not only wrote about his experiences but was always teaching the audience how he made the shot. It was so much better to be with him live! A huge plus to this trip was the ability to borrow Canon gear for free. This was a substantial money savings (instead of buying or renting) and let me try out the newest gear.

Of course, Jeff is thoroughly adept at all the photo settings and artistry, but more importantly he sincerely enjoys sharing his knowledge with the group.  Because the group size is small, everyone had multiple opportunities to ride with him. Even when he wasn't in our vehicle, he would hop on the mic and announce camera settings and how to set up the shot. In the evenings, he always hung around the main tent helping with photo editing, critiquing and teaching new software (like Photo Mechanic). 

There are many tour companies that can take you to Africa, but there is only one Jeff Cable! - Michael G. (Tanzania 2019)

I had a wonderful time on the February 2019 Tanzania Luxury Photo Safari with guest pro Jeff Cable. The trip by itself would have been awesome, but Jeff's expertise added that special something to the experience. He was helpful even before the trip started with tips on what to pack and suggestions for what equipment to borrow from Canon. On safari, Jeff rotated among the participants offering guidance on camera settings and composition. In the evenings he would have impromptu workshops on backup and image processing. Now that we are home, Jeff continues to keep in touch and offer support. I went into this photo tour as a timid novice, but thanks to Jeff came home with some fabulous images, increased photographic knowledge, and most importantly, greater confidence in my own skills and decisions. Plus a bad case of wanderlust - I hope to join M&M Photo Tours, Jeff, and his amazing wife Annette in Scotland and Ireland and revisit Tanzania for the Great Migration.
- Sara H. (Tanzania 2019)

I just returned from participating in Jeff’s Costa Rica photography tour.  It was a fantastic trip, life changing in some ways. Sure, the Costa Rica Osa Peninsula and it’s wildlife, rainforests, and people were spectacular and inspiring. The photography instruction was superb - Jeff’s a world-class photographer and instructor, and an exceptional person. Crocodile Bay Resort was a comfortably, first-class resort. And the others in the group were fantastic to get to know. But for me, the highlight of the trip was the sparking of a lifetime passion for photography. Jeff, thanks for an incredible adventure. I look forward to many more. - Peter H. (Costa Rica 2018)

Besides being a superb and knowledgable photographer, Jeff Cable is an excellent teacher who wants you to have a special experience with the tour and works hard to make that happen. Because of his teaching abilities, the skill level of the participants is not that important as he will guide you and help you learn how to photograph nature. The people of Costa Rica are very friendly and helpful and the culture experienced in the tour will be remembered for a long time. If you love viewing and photographing monkeys, birds, reptiles and more,. this is the shoot for you and I HIGHLY recommend it - Dr. Larry P. (Costa Rica 2018)

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful photo tour of Costa Rica with Jeff Cable.  This was a small group tour of only 9 people.  Jeff did a great job of organizing the tour with excellent guides and comfortable accommodations at the Crocodile Bay Resort.  The weather was much better than we expected with only light showers on a couple of our outings that did not interfere with our photography.  Jeff arranged a variety of excursions that included drives through the forest searching for a variety of wildlife along with a couple of controlled shoots that provided excellent macro opportunities.  On several of the excursions, there were opportunities to interact with the local residents and culture.  The small tour group allowed for a lot of social interaction and it allowed Jeff to work with each individual providing one-on-one photo guidance as needed.  My wife is a non-photographer and she enjoyed the sighting and observation of wildlife and interaction with others in the group.  The staff at Crocodile Bay helped to make this an above-average trip. Olympia, the restaurant staff, and tour guides were outstanding and a joy to interact with.  This was a excellent tour and highly recommended for both photographers and non-photographers.  We are looking forward to our trip to Tanzania with Jeff in January 2019. - Glenn and Kathy H. (Costa Rica 2018)

My adventure with Jeff Cable and Mike from MM Photo Tours was much more fun than I could have ever expected.  I had seen Jeff’s enthusiasm and experience on his blogs and B & H videos over the last several years, but they do not compare to Jeff Cable in person.

Jeff was always giving good instruction and finding new things to photograph. He was friendly, enthusiastic, full of knowledge, and always willing to help us.

Mike had a good well organized tour that took care of details from beginning to end. Food, travel and accommodations were all excellent.

From before sunrise till after sunset we laughed, learned new techniques, took great photos, and had memorable experiences shooting the animals of Africa. I brought back home many wonderful shots and memories that I will always cherish.    

Having traveled the world on business, I thought this would be my first and only photographic safari and my last trip to Africa.  I am planning on another trip to Africa, one to Costa Rico next year, and India in 2020. I may even go to Antarctica to hit my seventh and last continent. - Pat B (Botswana 2018)

I participated in Jeff’s November 2017 expedition to Costa Rica. For several years I have been following Jeff’s social media posts and presentations at B&H, I like his presentation and teaching style so much that when the opportunity to go to Costa Rica with him arose I jumped on it. That decision turned out to be the best photography-related decision I’ve made in the last ten years. The images I returned home with are outstanding. I’ve posted to photo critique websites and have gotten rave reviews. Everyone I show the images to are in awe at the quality of the images and the exotic subject matter. Jeff’s instruction during the tour made all-the-difference in the quality of my captures. He paid close attention to each of us in the field and during non-shooting discussions and critiques.

The staff at Crocodile Bay Resort were outstanding. They treated us as if we were royalty. The menu for all three meals is extensive and the quality of the food is beyond expectations.  Our guides, Dennis and Diego, had an incredible eye for spotting wildlife. As photographers themselves, they knew which sightings would offer better photographic opportunity.  

In closing, the one tour feature that places Jeff’s Costa Rica tour far ahead of other Costa Rica photography tours is his arrangement with Canon Professional Services for tour members to obtain loaner camera bodies and lenses at no cost. I received on loan an EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS and EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. These are the same lenses Jeff used, which made implementing Jeff’s shooting suggestions instructions work so well. - David A. (Costa Rica 2017)

Our Costa Rica trip was great. Jeff and everyone else we met were friendly and helpful. The resort was great and we saw a LOT of animals including birds, monkeys, sloths and frogs. Jeff was super enthusiastic and a good teacher. He was constantly helping us take better photos and he really gave me some good post processing tips. I would be happy to travel with him again. We were a couple with a photographer and a non-photographer and both of us had a great time. - Bob P. (Costa Rica 2017)

I'm not a photographer, but still like tagging along with my photographer husband on trips. It's a wonderful opportunity to see the world and experience the adventure that goes along with capturing the photos. Jeff's trip to Cost Rica did not disappoint. It was a unique opportunity to see so many different animals, birds and insects and take time to just observe them in their habitats. I thoroughly enjoyed all the field trips as well as hiking around the resort. Jeff was even gracious enough to give me a beginners photo lesson one afternoon, and I got a few nice shots.  Our guides were excellent, helping us not only find the wildlife but also learn about the animals, environment & locale. The resort was very comfortable; we were treated like we were part of their extended family.  - Tracy P. (Costa Rica 2017)

I have wanted to see a rain forest for some time and this tour exceeded my expectations.  Jeff did a great job of selecting adventures spaced with some free time.  The accommodations were very good and the food was fantastic.  The entire staff was friendly and helpful.   Each adventure yielded many animals, most of which I had not seen before.  Admittedly, some of the photo opportunities were "assisted" by the guides, but I believe I would have found it difficult to spot an inch long frog on my own.   The guides were expert in spotting the animals, and I even learned some things.  “ If you see isolated leaves falling from the trees above, and it is not windy, it is likely an animal moving about.”   The photography was a bit hard at times with the subject high in the trees, moving about and just as you located and focused on them, they would rapidly move away.   Jeff was always there to assist in your photographic efforts. All in all, this was an excellent trip!  If you are interested in the rain forest and its animals, go with Jeff to Costa Rica  and say hello to Sweetie the monkey for me. - Carol C. (Costa Rica 2017)

After many years of watching Jeff on YouTube and following along on his blog, I finally got an opportunity to meet him in person at Vivid in Sydney. What an absolute pleasure!! Jeff is so passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is so infectious that immediately you want to get the unique shots that he does. I am amazed and so happy with the photos that I came away with - and also the knowledge that I gained. I used camera settings I would never have used and saw angles and shots that normally I would walk past. Jeff, your love of photography is addictive, your sense of humour so much more fun, and I hope one day we can meet up with our cameras and do it all again!! - Sue C. (Sydney 2017)

We had an amazing time with Jeff shooting Vivid 2017 in Sydney, Australia. I learned so much more about my camera and how to take good photos. Each day offered a different opportunity, from sports photography to night shooting. It was fantastic to be alongside Jeff to see how a professional operates. I cannot wait to get out there and put all that I have learned to good use. Jeff was great at explaining what he was doing and how to get the great shot. Many thanks to Jeff and Dean for their help and assistance for what was truly an epic adventure  - Marion C. (Sydney 2017)

I was recently on a photo tour with Jeff Cable in Sydney, Australia. He taught us techniques of night photography which we were able to put into practice as we watched the beautiful colored light displays on Sydney Harbor for Vivid 2017. Jeff had searched out the best vantage points for us to photograph, well before we arrived at each location. I also enjoyed the opportunity to watch a professional photographer in action and the work that went into getting a "good shot". Now it is time for me to practice what I was taught. I would recommend this tour to anyone. The scenery is great and Jeff and Dean are warm and friendly people. Don't hesitate - just do it!  - Janice (Jeff's oldest groupie at 79) (Sydney 2017)

My trip to Tanzania with Jeff was over the moon, so much more than I ever imagined. His teaching skills are perfect for all levels. He helped everybody throughout the trip both with their cameras and photo skills. The students always came first before his shots, something not true in other workshops I have been to. Great attention to details. - Patsy L. (Tanzania 2017)

Jeff was very hands-on with instructions and easy-to-follow discussions. He always had suggestions for improving our photos from a beginner level to expert level. He had great insight on how to prep, anticipate, and follow through with photos and constantly moving wildlife. Big Thanks for all the insight and discussions on the trip.  It was a very enjoyable two weeks.  Planning on doing it again! - J.D. (Tanzania 2017)

Jeff was the main reason I signed up for the Tanzania tour.  From the pre-trip planning thru the end of the trip and even now that we are all back home, Jeff was friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging, helpful and committed to making sure I had a great time and came home with great photos.  On the days I was in the vehicle with him he made sure I was in position to get the shot, he helped me "see" the shot, he had me try fun things like panning, he made sure the driver stopped for us or moved a few feet for us so we could get a better angle all while taking amazing photos himself.  At the end of the day he was always around downloading his photos and doing some editing and was willing to answer questions.  After we got back he shared all the (many) photos he took of us during the two weeks.  Mike planned a wonderful itinerary with great places to stay, in great locations, with good food and warm hospitality.  Our little group all had a great time together and I think Mike and Jeff set the tone with their friendliness and helpfulness before the tour even began.  I would definitely take another trip with them in the future. - Sara C. (Tanzania 2017)

The chance to travel though M&M Photo Tours with the likes of pro photographer Jeff Cable was phenomenal.  He provided group and individual instruction and took my skills to a new level.  To this day I use techniques and always remember him emphasizing shutter and aperture.  He taught us how to anticipate a scene so we were always prepared with our settings.  It was one of the best experiences and I look forward to another opportunity soon! - Tina C. (Tanzania 2016)

It's rare to find someone who's excellent in their field, an excellent teacher and great person.  Jeff is all three. - Matthew G. (Tanzania 2016)