Photographing San Francisco with Jeff Cable

If you are looking to photograph San Francisco and all it's beauty, and learn from a 7-time Olympic photographer, then this is a great trip for you. No matter what level of photographer you are (from beginner to professional), you will love this photo tour. I have taken people who have never used a "real camera" all the way to seasoned professional photographers. And significant others are welcome too! We stay in San Francisco for 3 nights and shoot from morning into the evening.

I grew up in the city and know all the best places to capture photos showing San Francisco at it's best. Not only the best locations, but the best times to be at those locations. We will capture everything from the famous Cable Cars (no relation to me) to the Golden Gate Bridge.  

If you would like to see many of the images captured in this area, go to my San Francisco photo gallery. And if you think that you can't take photos like this, trust me you can. a bonus to all of this. since Canon sponsors me, they will let you borrow almost any camera and lens for this trip at no cost! This is not to say that you have to be a Canon shooter to join the group. I teach people using all brands.

If you would like to join me on this awesome 3 day photo tour, please contact me as soon as possible to secure a spot. You can see all the photo tours on my tour page.


Here are some of the key locations we will visit on this photo tour:

The Golden Gate Bridge

We will visit the bridge numerous times during the 3 days, not only to capture it's beauty in different light, but also to find varying weather conditions to highlight the classic San Francisco fog.


San Francisco CitySan Francisco CitySan Francisco with Mauricio and Cynthia


Cable Cars

When visiting San Francisco, you need to capture images of the Cable Cars. But I don't want people to have photos like everyone else, I want to push you all to get something unique. I teach motion panning to show the motion of the iconic public transportation going up and down the steep streets of the city..


Tanzania - African Safari


The Painted Ladies

You may recognize these homes from the TV show "Full House", but even if you never saw the show, you will probably recognize them as the famous row of Victorian houses in the city. 


Tanzania - African Safari


City Views

Having spent most of my life in San Francisco (and the surrounding area), I know some great places for wide shots of the city. 

San Francisco CitySan Francisco CitySan Francisco Photo Tour


Night Shots

I love taking photos of cities at night and have done this all over the world. I have some favorite locations around the San Francisco Bay to get beautiful night shots that you will be proud to take home.

San Francisco CitySan Francisco CitySan Francisco at Night


China Town

We will walk through China Town to get some photos of the decor and the interesting items being sold in the area. We may even stop to get some good food while we are here.

San Francisco CitySan Francisco CitySan Francisco Photo Tour


Palace of Fine Arts

This building was originally built in 1915 and is located near the Golden Gate Bridge. It is an excellent location for picturesque photos. .

San Francisco CitySan Francisco CityTesting Canon R5 and R6 in San Francisco


Trip Details

To find the dates of future trips, please visit the Tour page.


* Each trip will be limited to just 10 guests. I want to make sure to have ample time teaching everyone! This is done on a first come, first serve basis.

You will want to book your flight to be into San Francisco (or surrounding airports) to arrive on the night before our first day. We will all meet at the Embassy Suites that evening to get to know each other and for a briefing for the following day.

For your return flight, you will want to book a flight home the day after our the last day of the trip, since we may be doing night photography until 9pm.

Skill level

This trip is designed for photographers of all levels. You do not need to be a professional photographer to go on this trip. As a matter of fact, I have taken many novices and they have come back with awesome photos. I have taken people with SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and even mobile phones.  My job is to teach you how to get the best photos with whatever camera you have.


The cost for this trip is $2950 all inclusive of hotel and all food and non-alcoholic drinks. 

For people wanting their own room, there is a single supplement fee of $400. For those who have spouses or friends who want to join, but who are not photographers, there is a $350 credit for them. Those "non photographers" are still invited to join us on all excursions.


San Francisco weather can be pretty tricky. I have selected the tour to be in October since that is traditionally the best clarity for the city. I have tailored the trip to accommodate almost any weather. If we have cloudy weather, we will go to locations where that light is best. If we have bright sun, we will visit locations best photographed in that light.

What We Will See

When in San Francisco, the plan is to photograph the following:


* Golden Gate Bridge (from multiple locations)

* Palace of Fine Arts

* China Town

* The Painted Ladies

* Twin Peaks

* Lombard Street

* City Hall

* Haight Ashbury

* and many additional surprises


Gear and Clothing Suggestions

San Francisco offers plentiful photographic opportunities and you will want to have the right photography gear with you to capture the best photos in this location. Here is what I recommend:


* Two camera bodies (one as a backup)

* A long zoom lens

* A mid-range zoom lens (in the 24-150mm range)

* A tripod

* A good camera bag

* A laptop computer for downloading and editing

* An external hard drive for backing up your data

If you are reading this and thinking "I don't have two camera bodies or one of those lenses", don't worry. Canon has offered to supply any of my workshop attendees with loaner gear at no cost!!! All you have to do is let me know what gear you would like.


For clothing, I suggest clothing for both cold and warm weather, since the weather in San Francisco can be very unpredictable.

Participant abilities

There are no long hikes on this trip, since we tend to shoot very near the vehicles, but you do have to be able to easily get in and out of a vehicle and walk short distances. 

Common Questions

Q Are there bathroom stops on our long days out?

A: I am happy to say that we have bathrooms available to us everywhere we go. 

Q: How is the food?

A. You will be eating very good food on this trip! Nothing too exotic or strange, I promise.

Q: Are we hiking? 

A: No. We drive on local roads and stop when we see  photo opportunities. 

Q: Do we need to be professional photographers to go on the trip?

A: No - I take people of all skill levels, from beginner to the pro level.

Schedule is subject to change

The itinerary listed here is the proposed agenda for the trip. Depending on the weather and other circumstances, the schedule is subject to change. But, of course, the goal is to have everyone come home with amazing photos and to learn as much as possible.

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For more information - email Jeff at [email protected]