​Upcoming Photo Tours

If you would like to travel the world and come home with amazing photos - and have a lot of fun in the process, you need to join us for one of our exciting photo tours. We travel the globe to photograph the best the world has to offer - from seeing the wild animals on African safari to the experiencing the culture of Costa Rica...and much more.

If you have seen any of my photography presentations, you know that I love to teach photography and always make it fun to learn. It does not matter if you are new to photography or a trained professional, we will accommodate you to make sure you are getting amazing photos and having a great time. Come and join us for an amazing experience, not only through the lens, but through your eyes as well. 

I personally teach on each tour, and share my love and passion for photography with each attendee. You can see many testimonials from past workshop attendees towards the bottom of this page.



The Famous Sights of Japan

(4 spots left!)

April 4-17, 2018

This trip will expose you to as much of Japan as possible in the best photographic locations that give you an excellent cross-section of this amazing country. We will photograph in Tokyo, Kamakura, the famous fish market in Tsuki, Nikko, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Mt. Koya, Osaka and so much more. This time frame should put us in Japan at the right time to photograph the world famous cherry blossoms!

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NE7A1377 Kinkaku-ji full res web readyNE7A1377 Kinkaku-ji full res web ready



Sand Dunes & Safari

(2 spots left!)

June 17 - July 2, 2018

We are going to visit the majestic sand dunes of Namibia, and go on safari to see the majestic wildlife. This trip combines some of the best landscapes and animal life the country has to offer. We will be staying at amazing locations throughout the tour. Trust me, there is no roughing it on this trip! 

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Edit_Tanzania_2017_4413_cropEdit_Tanzania_2017_4413_cropTanzania - African Safari



Safaris & Wildlife


July 7 - July 19, 2018

Join us as we spend 3 nights at each main safari location in this amazing region (Okavango Delta / Moremi Game Reserve, Savute, and Chobe River). Botswana is one of the best places to see African wildlife in amazing settings - water, rivers, lush swamps, marshes and more!

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Edit_Tanzania_2017_1224Edit_Tanzania_2017_1224Tanzania - African Safari


Costa Rica

The Rain Forests of Costa Rica

(4 spots left!)

August 13-23, 2018

In August of 2017, I scouted the rain forest of Costa Rica and scouted out the area and found an amazing location for a Central American photo tour. You will be surrounded by amazing wildlife, scenic views, and the Costa Rican culture. All of this takes place on the Osa Peninsula, with not a big hotel in sight. We will be spending 8 nights at a resort with daily photo excursions. I have the full itinerary here. These explorations are with the best guides who will find the best local wildlife for us to photograph, including tree frogs, monkeys, sloths and so much more. This trip includes air travel within the country, all meals, wine with dinner, and evening classes with me.  

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Croatia & Slovenia

Discovering Croatia and Slovenia

(6 spots left!)

September 4-17, 2018

Join us in one of the most photographic regions of Europe. We will spend 2 weeks in this beautiful area photographing, the landscapes, the buildings, the waterfalls, the people and more. We will visit Dubrovnik, Hvar Island, Plitvice Lakes, Lake Bled, Bohinj, Soca River Valley, Trigav National Park, and Ljubljana. Come explore this amazing region with us and come away with epic photos.

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African Safari
in Tanzania

January 14-28, 2019 

(Sold Out)

February 1-15, 2019

(4 spots left!)

You may have seen the hundreds of photos I have taken on previous trips to Tanzania. Trust me, this location is amazing! They say that you can leave Africa, but Africa does not leave you. Regardless of your photographic skills, you will love seeing the wildlife up close. And we stay at amazing places on this trip. There is no roughing it here!

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Tanzania - African Safari



The Great Migration

August 15-25, 2019


You may have seen the hundreds of photos I have taken on previous trips to Tanzania. Trust me, this location is amazing! They say that you can leave Africa, but Africa does not leave you. Regardless of your photographic skills, you will love seeing the wildlife up close. And we stay at amazing places on this trip. There is no roughing it here!

Note: This trip is different from the January 2018 Tanzania trips since this lets us get right into the migration of the animals.

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Tanzania - African Safari



The Colors of India Tour

January 24-February 10, 2020


This trip is much more than a visit to Taj Mahal. We will see and photograph Rajasthan which is the most colorful, traditional, vibrant and exotic areas of India. We have coordinated this incredible itinerary to include two of India's elaborate celebrations. We will see the Republic Day Ceremonious Parade in New Delhi and the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer (which is similar to the Pusknar Camel Festival but with a lot less tourists and photographers). And of course, we will be visiting many of the iconic locations that Indian is best known for.

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Testimonials from Photo Tour Attendees


I participated in Jeff’s November 2017 expedition to Costa Rica. For several years I have been following Jeff’s social media posts and presentations at B&H, I like his presentation and teaching style so much that when the opportunity to go to Costa Rica with him arose I jumped on it. That decision turned out to be the best photography-related decision I’ve made in the last ten years. The images I returned home with are outstanding. I’ve posted to photo critique websites and have gotten rave reviews. Everyone I show the images to are in awe at the quality of the images and the exotic subject matter. Jeff’s instruction during the tour made all-the-difference in the quality of my captures. He paid close attention to each of us in the field and during non-shooting discussions and critiques.

The staff at Crocodile Bay Resort were outstanding. They treated us as if we were royalty. The menu for all three meals is extensive and the quality of the food is beyond expectations.  Our guides, Dennis and Diego, had an incredible eye for spotting wildlife. As photographers themselves, they knew which sightings would offer better photographic opportunity.  

In closing, the one tour feature that places Jeff’s Costa Rica tour far ahead of other Costa Rica photography tours is his arrangement with Canon Professional Services for tour members to obtain loaner camera bodies and lenses at no cost. I received on loan an EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS and EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. These are the same lenses Jeff used, which made implementing Jeff’s shooting suggestions instructions work so well. David A. (Costa Rica 2017)

Our Costa Rica trip was great. Jeff and everyone else we met were friendly and helpful. The resort was great and we saw a LOT of animals including birds, monkeys, sloths and frogs. Jeff was super enthusiastic and a good teacher. He was constantly helping us take better photos and he really gave me some good post processing tips. I would be happy to travel with him again. We were a couple with a photographer and a non-photographer and both of us had a great time. Bob P. (Costa Rica 2017)

I'm not a photographer, but still like tagging along with my photographer husband on trips. It's a wonderful opportunity to see the world and experience the adventure that goes along with capturing the photos. Jeff's trip to Cost Rica did not disappoint. It was a unique opportunity to see so many different animals, birds and insects and take time to just observe them in their habitats. I thoroughly enjoyed all the field trips as well as hiking around the resort. Jeff was even gracious enough to give me a beginners photo lesson one afternoon, and I got a few nice shots.  Our guides were excellent, helping us not only find the wildlife but also learn about the animals, environment & locale. The resort was very comfortable; we were treated like we were part of their extended family.  Tracy P. (Costa Rica 2017)

I have wanted to see a rain forest for some time and this tour exceeded my expectations.  Jeff did a great job of selecting adventures spaced with some free time.  The accommodations were very good and the food was fantastic.  The entire staff was friendly and helpful.   Each adventure yielded many animals, most of which I had not seen before.  Admittedly, some of the photo opportunities were "assisted" by the guides, but I believe I would have found it difficult to spot an inch long frog on my own.   The guides were expert in spotting the animals, and I even learned some things.  “ If you see isolated leaves falling from the trees above, and it is not windy, it is likely an animal moving about.”   The photography was a bit hard at times with the subject high in the trees, moving about and just as you located and focused on them, they would rapidly move away.   Jeff was always there to assist in your photographic efforts. All in all, this was an excellent trip!  If you are interested in the rain forest and its animals, go with Jeff to Costa Rica  and say hello to Sweetie the monkey for me. Carol C. (Costa Rica 2017)

After many years of watching Jeff on YouTube and following along on his blog, I finally got an opportunity to meet him in person at Vivid in Sydney. What an absolute pleasure!! Jeff is so passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is so infectious that immediately you want to get the unique shots that he does. I am amazed and so happy with the photos that I came away with - and also the knowledge that I gained. I used camera settings I would never have used and saw angles and shots that normally I would walk past. Jeff, your love of photography is addictive, your sense of humour so much more fun, and I hope one day we can meet up with our cameras and do it all again!! Sue C.  -  (Sydney 2017)

We had an amazing time with Jeff shooting Vivid 2017 in Sydney, Australia. I learned so much more about my camera and how to take good photos. Each day offered a different opportunity, from sports photography to night shooting. It was fantastic to be alongside Jeff to see how a professional operates. I cannot wait to get out there and put all that I have learned to good use. Jeff was great at explaining what he was doing and how to get the great shot. Many thanks to Jeff and Dean for their help and assistance for what was truly an epic adventure  Marion C. -  (Sydney 2017)

I was recently on a photo tour with Jeff Cable in Sydney, Australia. He taught us techniques of night photography which we were able to put into practice as we watched the beautiful colored light displays on Sydney Harbor for Vivid 2017. Jeff had searched out the best vantage points for us to photograph, well before we arrived at each location. I also enjoyed the opportunity to watch a professional photographer in action and the work that went into getting a "good shot". Now it is time for me to practice what I was taught. I would recommend this tour to anyone. The scenery is great and Jeff and Dean are warm and friendly people. Don't hesitate - just do it!  Janice (Jeff's oldest groupie at 79) -  (Sydney 2017)

My trip to Tanzania with Jeff was over the moon, so much more than I ever imagined. His teaching skills are perfect for all levels. He helped everybody throughout the trip both with their cameras and photo skills. The students always came first before his shots, something not true in other workshops I have been to. Great attention to details. - Patsy L. (Tanzania 2017)

Jeff was very hands-on with instructions and easy-to-follow discussions. He always had suggestions for improving our photos from a beginner level to expert level. He had great insight on how to prep, anticipate, and follow through with photos and constantly moving wildlife. Big Thanks for all the insight and discussions on the trip.  It was a very enjoyable two weeks.  Planning on doing it again!  J.D. -  (Tanzania 2017)

Jeff was the main reason I signed up for the Tanzania tour.  From the pre-trip planning thru the end of the trip and even now that we are all back home, Jeff was friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging, helpful and committed to making sure I had a great time and came home with great photos.  On the days I was in the vehicle with him he made sure I was in position to get the shot, he helped me "see" the shot, he had me try fun things like panning, he made sure the driver stopped for us or moved a few feet for us so we could get a better angle all while taking amazing photos himself.  At the end of the day he was always around downloading his photos and doing some editing and was willing to answer questions.  After we got back he shared all the (many) photos he took of us during the two weeks.  Mike planned a wonderful itinerary with great places to stay, in great locations, with good food and warm hospitality.  Our little group all had a great time together and I think Mike and Jeff set the tone with their friendliness and helpfulness before the tour even began.  I would definitely take another trip with them in the future.  Sara C. -  (Tanzania 2017)

The chance to travel though M&M Photo Tours with the likes of pro photographer Jeff Cable was phenomenal.  He provided group and individual instruction and took my skills to a new level.  To this day I use techniques and always remember him emphasizing shutter and aperture.  He taught us how to anticipate a scene so we were always prepared with our settings.  It was one of the best experiences and I look forward to another opportunity soon! - Tina C. (Tanzania 2016)

It's rare to find someone who's excellent in their field, an excellent teacher and great person.  Jeff is all three. - Matthew G. (Tanzania 2016)